black forest bourbon

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Size: 50 ml / 1.7 oz

Introducing "Black Forest Bourbon" - a fragrance that echoes the richness of a finely crafted beverage.

Indulge in the bold notes of Luxardo cherries, sweet liqueur, and the boozy comfort of a smooth bourbon, reminiscent of a classic Old Fashioned. Additionally, there is yet another layer; a delicious note of the warmth of a barrel-aged rum.

Let the aromatic dance of freshly roasted coffee and sinful dark chocolate envelop you, as Madagascar vanilla, rose and caramel add a sweet, smooth touch. The subtle embrace of almond, sandalwood, and sugar cane completes this aromatic symphony, capturing the essence of a sophisticated sip. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating layers of "Black Forest Bourbon," where every note is a reminiscent toast to indulgence.

Notes: Barrel-aged rum, smooth bourbon, Luxardo cherries, roasted coffee, dark chocolate, rose, vanilla, caramel, almond, sandalwood

 Extrait de Parfum - Unisex

Customer Reviews

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While at first it comes on a lot strong, more cherries than anything else (and I was hoping for more bourbon), it grew on me quickly. It’s sweet, but not sickly sweet. It’s dark, but not heavy.

Miguel caballero
Black Forest Bourbon


It's purely divine, the most decadent chocolate covered cherry and I'm in love with it!

You know I've never been a big fan of cherry scents but this one made me change my mind!
I think what sets it apart is the beautiful background of rose that emerges with the cherry.
Cherries, sweet liqueur and the warmth of barrel-aged rum.

Freshly roasted coffee...
The dark chocolate of sin with a subtle and sinuous vanilla from Madagascar which is in no way feminine.
Rose and caramel add a sweet touch. The subtle embrace of almond, sandalwood and sugar cane completes this aromatic symphony.

Notes of dark chocolate, rum and cherry are a heavenly combination.

All heads will turn when you pass by, I'm not exaggerating, I'm even weighing my words!

The intoxicating note of rose is the final touch that makes this fragrance my favorite.
It lasts all day and is worth every penny.

The notes
Barrel-aged rum, cherries, roasted coffee, dark chocolate, rose, vanilla, caramel, almond, sandalwood


This is a wonderful cherry scent but it lost me in the dry down. I love how it smells so rich when I first spray, but in the dry down it begins do smell somewhat musky of powdery to me. I wish it would keep that rich dark scent the entire time.


This is hands down the best cherry perfume out there! It’s rich and delicious and I love it so much!

Lynn Wu
I'm not even a cherry fan

My friend gave me this because she had ordered La Belle Vanille and wanted to get me something. She thought I liked cherry fragrance. I typically don't like cherry fragrances because they remind me of cough lozenges. But this one...heaven in a bottle. It smells like sweet natural cherries, covered in chocolate, surrounded by roses, and the dry down on your skin lasts forever. It's caramel, chocolate, musk and vanilla. This is the most decadent fragrance I've ever smelled.