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The concept originated in October 2021, and the online store officially launched in 2022. The name Elysian pays homage to my late sister. It's a combination of the names of her two children (my niece and nephew) Elysia and Evan. Surprisingly, "Elysian" also means relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise, which beautifully aligns with our brand's essence. Click here to read more.

New You Magazine Best New Fragrance 2024

We snagged the title of Best New Fragrance of 2024 with our beautiful Lavender Milk Tea. Click here to read more. Best Clean Fragrance Award

Our cult favorite Sonder snagged the award for Best Clean Fragrance by Grooming Awards. Click here to read to read more.

New You Magazine Full Story

Take Elysian’s newly awarded Lavender Milk Tea fragrance, for example. Picture yourself strolling through an English garden on a lazy afternoon. The air is filled with the soothing scent of lavender, and nearby, there’s a quaint café serving up steaming cups of milk tea. That’s exactly what Lavender Milk Tea brings to mind—a blend of calming lavender and comforting milk tea that’s like a warm hug for your senses. Click here to read full article.


Our fragrance Halcyon was featured on Fashion Week Daily for their Mother's Day Gift Guide. Click here to read more.