The Sweet History of Chocolate and Perfumery

The Sweet History of Chocolate and Perfumery

Chocolate has been a highly sought-after delicacy for centuries. Originally from the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, chocolate was known as a sacred elixir. After chocolate was brought back to Europe, it was revered by royalty and aristocrats. 



When it comes to perfumery, chocolate began to appear as a popular note during the 20th century. Angel by Thierry Mugler launched in 1992 and was the first fragrance to feature chocolate. This also marked the beginning of the gourmand perfume genre. Perfumers were drawn to chocolate for its warm, comforting aroma. Chocolate as a note has since evolved outside of just gourmands and can be found in a variety of different fragrance compositions. 



Inspired by everyone’s favorite treat, chocolate fragrances exude warmth and decadence like no other note. These fragrances are sweet, delicious, and perfect for a cozy night in. Elysian Parfum has also joined in by creating Black Forest Bourbon - A chocolate, cherry, and rum fragrance that smells like biting into a luxardo cherry. 



One notable chocolate fragrance is Black Phantom by Killian, released in 2017. This fragrance is a combination of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. It is a sweet, spicy gourmand and is gorgeous. Another heavenly chocolate fragrance is Chocolate Greedy by Montale. This fragrance was released in 2007 and is still popular today. It has notes of chocolate, tonka, vanilla, bitter orange, dried fruit, and coffee. Fève Gourmande which translates to "Gourmet Bean," refers to its rich chocolate scent. This is a sweet fragrance that beautifully combines chocolate, vanilla, caramel, roasted almonds, and spicy cinnamon reminiscent of French pastries. All of these fragrances are deliciously irresistible and if you have been looking for a new chocolaty fragrance make sure to give these a try!



Chocolate offers a decadent and sensual twist to fragrance compositions. It is a versatile note that adds depth, richness, and sweetness to fragrances around the world. We predict that chocolate fragrances aren't going anywhere any time soon and will only continue to experiment with more complex implementations of this succulent note. 


Looking for a delicious chocolate fragrance? Check out Black Forest Bourbon. It is our spin on the popular drink that embodies warmth and decadence. 


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