The Most Popular Fragrances from Elysian’s Collection

The Most Popular Fragrances from Elysian’s Collection

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating scents with Elysian Parfum's Collection. Each fragrance is meticulously designed to offer a luxurious and unforgettable experience. From the sweet and fruity notes of House of Elysian to the seductive allure of Jalous, let's discover the most popular fragrances that have enchanted perfume enthusiasts worldwide.

Sonder: A Captivating Aroma

Experience the crisp and invigorating scent of Sonder, the perfect addition to any men's fragrance collection. This alt fragrance offers a clean and vibrant aroma that will leave a lasting impression. With notes of bergamot, lemon, orange tree absolute, and Jamaican ginger, Sonder emits a refreshing aura that is balanced and bright. The fragrance further unfolds with Bulgarian roses, sweet magnolia, green apple, velvet vetiver, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla, creating a captivating blend that is both sophisticated and alluring.

La Belle Vanille: Luxurious Madagascar Vanilla

Envelop yourself in the rich and seductive aroma of La Belle Vanille. This luxurious fragrance combines the enchanting notes of Madagascar vanilla, caramel, and exotic jasmine. Subtle hints of tonka bean, orchid, and iris add complexity and allure, while smoky incense and woody notes of patchouli and amber bring a touch of mystery.

Charmante: A Seductive Floral Bouquet

Charmante is an enduringly seductive scent that blends fiery sexuality with a light, playful allure. Experience the freshness of dewy pear blossom as it tops off this delicious floral fragrance. Fragrant jasmine and sparkling pink champagne add depth and sophistication to its heart. Creamy amber, black vanilla, blonde woods, and patchouli create a resonant base, while exotic florals add timeless elegance.

Jalous: Unleash Your Unconventional Side

One of the best unisex perfumes on the market, Jalous combines power and allure. Be captivated by the mesmerizing blend of creamy vanilla, smoky pineapple, bold bergamot, and bright apples. This unique scent is both daring and unforgettable, promising to leave a lasting impression.

Discover the enchanting world of Elysian Parfum's collection of House Originals, where each luxurious fragrance tells a unique story. From the fruity delights of House of Elysian to the seductive allure of Jalous, our perfumes are designed to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. Indulge yourself in the sensational aromas and embrace the transformative power of scent. Shop now to find your signature scents and let them become a reflection of your unique personality. Shop All


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