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Size: 100 ml / 3.4 oz

Sugar Island Bay is a fragrance designed to transport you to a tropical paradise. Let its fresh and invigorating aroma envelop you and take you on a sensory journey to crystal clear waters and sun-kissed sands. This unisex fragrance is the perfect combination of freshness and warmth, making it a must-have for anyone who loves a touch of luxury in their life.

Inspired by CREED Virgin Island Water (SEE RETAIL PRICES BELOW)

Retail 30ml: $207 

Retail 50ml: $345

Retail 100ml: $470

Concentration: EXTRAIT DE PARFUM 20-30%

Gender: Unisex

Notes: Marine, bay water, citrus, coconut, lime, mandarin, ginger, Indian jasmine, rosy hibiscus, sugar cane, and vanilla musk

Scent: Tropical paradise with a blend of zesty citrus, velvety coconut, and warm vanilla musk

When most of us imagine a tropical paradise, visions of blue lagoons, idyllic beaches, and white sands come to mind. Initial aromas include marine elements and a hint of bay water. The core of the fragrance bestows upon us notes of zesty citrus, velvety coconut, a splash of lime, juicy mandarin, spicy ginger, fragrant Indian jasmine, tangy rosy hibiscus, sweet sugar cane, and warm vanilla musk.

Sugar Island Bay opens with a burst of refreshing marine notes, followed by the sweetness of coconut and a hint of lime. The heart of the fragrance is a blend of juicy mandarin, spicy ginger, and rosy hibiscus, which give it a warm, tropical feel. The fragrance finishes with a soft and sensual base of sugarcane and vanilla musk, which will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Try it today!

Customer Reviews

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Zackary parker
got this in the discovery set and...

I LOVE IT, its amazing I haven't tried Creed virgin island water, but this is amazing, longlisting (im a mechanic by trade and like to smell nice so I don't offend those around me) it lasted all day at work in 98 degree heat in Georgia, and its strong just when I thought it had gone to a skin sent I got a monster whiff of it like hey hello, that was 7 hours in to my 9 hour work day. if you like sweet aquatic fragrances this is right up your ally.


I've never smelled the scent this is inspired by so I can't say how accurate it is, but I can tell you this smells amazing. Just the right amount of citrus and coconut and musk. Very spring/summer.


I don't like it


I've never smelled the scent this is inspired by so I cannot attest to how accurate a dupe this is but it is so gorgeous. I bought the sample size initially and fell in love so I needed a larger bottle. It's a bit citrusy, a bit coconuty, a bit musky and it lasts a super long time. I could definitely still smell it 12 hours later. I love this alone but I also love pairing it with D&G light blue. This is a perfect spring/summer scent. I highly recommend this fragrance.