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Inspired By Byredo Mojave Ghost


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Experience the essence of the desert's raw and rugged beauty with "Desert Muse" - a captivating fragrance featuring a woody blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk, complemented by delicate top notes of Ambrette, Nesberry, and powdery Violet, and finished with a warm Chantilly Musk base that lingers on the skin like the lasting influence of a muse.

Inspired By Byredo Mojave Ghost (SEE RETAIL PRICES BELOW)

Retail 50ml: $205

Retail 100ml: $290

Concentration: EXTRAIT DE PARFUM 20-30%

Gender: Unisex

Notes: Woody cedar, sandalwood, powdery violet, ambrette, nesberry, Chantilly musk

The beauty of the desert and its mysterious, inspiring quality. The woody composition, with its notes of sandalwood, cedar wood, and musk, evokes the rugged and raw landscape of the desert, while the top notes of Ambrette and Nesberry add a touch of grace and freshness, like the rare blooms that dare to appear. The powdery Violet adds a delicate, feminine touch, like the desert muse who inspires and captivates. Finally, the warm Chantilly Musk rounds out the base, leaving the raw spirit of the desert to linger on the skin, like a lasting impression of the muse's influence. Overall, "Desert Muse" is a fragrance that captures the soulful beauty and inspiring spirit of the desert.

Extrait, Extrait de Parfum, Parfum- This has the highest concentration of fragrance compounds therefore will likely last the longest and have the strongest projection.

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